Today’s top marketers rely on timely, accurate data to drive their strategies, resources and campaigns—and get the best results. Ideally, much of that rich data should come from a company’s own marketing automation platforms to understand lead sources and customer journeys, segment potential buyer markets, optimize the sales lifecycle, and analyze sales and marketing performance.

We’ll help you establish best practices for marketing and sales automation, lead qualification, sales process, data management, analysis and reporting to ensure you effectively capture and utilize this rich source of data. And if you don’t currently use a reliable or effective platform, we’ll help you find the right solution and get you up and running quickly.

We Provide:

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Revenue Modeling

Solution Sourcing and Onboarding

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Lead Tracking and Qualification

Lead Scoring and Lifecycle Management

Sales Process Design

Real-Time Sales Alerts

Data Cleansing