The process of forming a business in the U.S. can be complicated—and sometimes, doing it wrong can have devastating long-term tax and business consequences. We alleviate the risk and complexity with a unique depth of understanding of the intricacies of establishing your presence in the U.S., including:

Company registration

Laws, regulations and licensing requirements

Intellectual property laws

Employment laws

Tax and tariffs for foreign and domestic corporations

Capital mobility

Banking, exchange rates and credit acquisition

Company address and virtual locations

Recruiting and staffing

We can help you identify the best structure for your company and take the steps to establish your business within that structure. We make sure your business is built on a solid legal, regulatory and cultural foundation to avoid the growing pains often associated with a big move or expansion.

From regulations on business names and filing and recording fees, to the legalities, taxes, local representation, and government agencies involved, we can take care of it all for you. We’ll handle the essential details and paperwork, so you can set up business in your new market within your target timeframe.